We have designed a diverse array of products for the following industry applications:

  • Mechanical parts and assemblies – Custom fabricated parts and assemblies
  • Plastics - Consumer products, custom features, complex surfaces, connectors, latches
  • Die cast – Rugged, heat dissipation
  • Harsh environment assemblies – Water proof, high vibration, severe mechanical shock, custom gasket design
  • Thermal – Cooling electronics, thermal conduction, natural convection, cooling fans, heat sinks
  • Interconnect – Design or specify connectors, design wire harness, custom contacts
  • Light pipes – Custom light pipes to route light from an LED on a circuit board to user the interface
  • Sheet metal – Precision sheet metal enclosures
  • Machined parts – aluminum, steel, brass, plastic machined parts
  • Extruded parts – heat sinks and mechanical components
  • Welded aluminum and steel – enclosures and structures

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